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Global Fibre box S8-7

singaporeiptv & malaysiaiptv have the same after-sale service team

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Welcome our upgraded site, you can get more new model of tv boxes infomation here.

Because of Cable tv box was eliminated, we still remember Blackbox C600 mini, C801 plus, TN9999, IP9999, Q6000, A8 plus, SK0708, C1, V9 Super, V8 Gtt, they can only be souvenirs of the years.

We advise you 3 options of your tv live.
Option 1: DVB T2 + Indoor TV Antenna

Option 2: Android TV Box, the latest version is Android 10.0, you can install your favorite apps

Option 3: FibreTV Box, no extra fee now

If you have any questions about tv box and accessories, feel free to contact us get the best solution for your family.

WeChat/ WhatsApp: +86 150 1413 0100
Wish you all the best!